Fall for Daytona Beach Downtown October 2013 Events!

Celebrate in Downtown Daytona Beach every Friday beginning October 25th 2013!

Once again Al Smith Productions presents a great fall event in Daytona to include a plethora of fun, food, crafted beer, the Riverfront shops, fine art and more ............

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy movie in the park too!

Daytona Beach Downtown Events

Find great value living in Daytona Beach FLorida. Contact Us for all your Daytona Beach real estate needs in 2013!!!

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We just added a new and interesting video tutorial page to our website that you can find under the About Us tab called Real Estate Tutorial Section.

These high definition 3D movies are the next best thing to reality and helps us to get real estate information and marketing messages across by using compelling animations! We thought we’d add a little humor to our site while providing educational real estate tutorials for our visitors!


Xtranormal.com is a web-based application used to create 3D animated movies from simple text-based movie-scripts. The characters in the movie speak the dialogue in the script, and react to performance icons like smileys and body movement.

Team Gagliardi is committed to empowering you with the product knowledge you need for…

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What is a NEO buyer?

There is a new generation of homebuyers called "the NEO Buyer" or the "New Economic Order" - and we are prepared to meet their home buying needs.

The NEO homebuyer is all about spending their money on something that connects with them on a personal level. For example it's the NEO buyers who are purchasing the iPhone and iPad because these are the things that are different and appeal to their senses!

The NEO buyers are willing to buy a Daytona Beach home even in a down market and even more likely to purchase a new home. With this in mind, my job is to search for those differences in home features that appeal to the NEO generation.

These folks want unique Daytona Homes and Daytona condos!

Staying one step ahead of the Daytona real estate…

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