Port Orange Real Estate | Port Orange Equestrian HomesJust in case you haven't visited our website recently, we'd like to inform you of the equestrian homes section we added due to recent requests from horse owners looking for Daytona Beach and Port Orange equestrian homes.

Horse owners are a unique visitor to our site and we thought it would be beneficial to offer information about the various equestrian communties in the Port Orange area. Quiet Place In The Country,  Whispering Creek, and Saddle Club Estates are just a few of the top equestrian communities we feature on our site.

If you searching for Port Orange equestrian communities, horse ranches, horse farms or gated horse communities go to Communities -->Port Orange-->Port Orange Equestrian Communities for all Port Orange horse properties and equestrian…

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Port Orange Real EstateDaytona Beach buyers and seller are amazed when they see us open doors to homes with our iPhone!

Our team tries to stay ahead of real estate technology and this is just another amazing tool we recently added to the mix of things. When we heard there was an ekey app  for the iPhone we went directly to our board so we could turn our iPhones into lockbox keys.

Buyers and sellers expect Daytona Beach Realtors to stay on top of technology, so it made sense to purchase the iPhone adapter to impress clients with the new wireless that gains entry to homes.

The ease of accessibility to open homes for showings with the iPhone is a great selling point for clients who list their homes with us.

So how does this little gadget work? Well, it's totally wireless and the…

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What is a NEO buyer?

There is a new generation of homebuyers called "the NEO Buyer" or the "New Economic Order" - and we are prepared to meet their home buying needs.

The NEO homebuyer is all about spending their money on something that connects with them on a personal level. For example it's the NEO buyers who are purchasing the iPhone and iPad because these are the things that are different and appeal to their senses!

The NEO buyers are willing to buy a Daytona Beach home even in a down market and even more likely to purchase a new home. With this in mind, my job is to search for those differences in home features that appeal to the NEO generation.

These folks want unique Daytona Homes and Daytona condos!

Staying one step ahead of the Daytona real estate…

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